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About The Single Parent Coach

Melissa grew up in a blended family, and later raised her children as a full time custodial single parent. Melissa’s life experiences genuinely allow her to understand the challenges, ups and downs as well as delights of single parenting. Melissa is an authentic voice to speak into the lives of parents navigating single parenting and divorce. Melissa will help her clients successfully overcome some of the challenges in single parenting: overwhelm, restructuring, and finding joy in the midst of chaos.

Additionally, Melissa has traveled abroad more than a dozen times. She is fluent in 3 languages, and is a multicultural person comfortable with people of all backgrounds and interests. As an ESL teacher who hosted numerous foreign students, Melissa has a knack for connecting with nationals from other countries and an open mind to how culture impacts our world. You can count on Melissa’s broad cultural understanding of clients that are internationally based.


Melissa received her A.A. from Borough of Manhattan Community College, and then went on for a B.A. at State University of New York at Stony Brook. She received her certification from Maximo Nivel to become a certified ESL teacher.

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I had sought Melissa's assistance on a project that I had, where I required her expertise. She went far beyond my expectations and was extremely thorough in he assistance. I was quite grateful for the help and her willingness to go the extra mile in order to help me. She is great communicator and quite articulate. I would recommend her without any hesitation.

- Bob M.

Melissa is both a great listener and compassionate which are key ingredients needed from a coach. Her ability to see what lies within someone and draw it out is wonderful and makes her someone you will want with you on your journey into the new. You will enjoy her!

- Sally C.

Important to coaching is commitment, punctuality, and clear communication. Melissa clearly exercises these three traits in relationships with others and creates an environment that is assuredly healing, directive, and actionable. Clients can expect a decisive result that moves them into maturity and empowerment with a pronouncedly circumspect view of their journey.

- H.B. K.

Melissa's incredible vibrancy reflects in everything she does. Whether she's volunteering at the local bike shop, leading a group activity, training for a triathlon, or casually chatting about life Melissa's enthusiasm is a pleasure to be around. Her passion for single parents is her calling. Her approach is authentic, well rounded, and relational.

- Lynneal W.

Melissa is a professional woman of integrity and compassion. She is a delight to work with professionally and a trustworthy friend. It has been an inspiration to see how she has boldly embraced painful memories and experiences as a divorcee and single parent, in order to help other women facing similar situations and challenges. She is dynamite! she has the gift of facilitating the breaking of barriers and leading women to enjoy their life presently and look forward to a pro-active joyful future.

- Sandy G.

Melissa has been a good friend and a great coach. As a single parent she and I have discussed the challenges of raising kids alone. Melissa led me to the conclusion that with guidance and the right support we can successfully raise our children to be the best they can be without any guilty feelings. Melissa is an inspiring coach who can help you achieve a breakthrough.

- Margs F.

Melissa has such a heart to help others. Her education and experience will bring guidance and healing to all those she encounters.

- Kristin R.

A couple of months ago I start having some anxiety attacks due to my career and professional life, which I felt it was stagnated. So, I panicked. I wanted to move to next level, however, I was not sure what was the next level. As a young adult, recently graduated from a post-grad program in Brazil, I was suffering the pain of the life transition, mainly because I did not know what my life was transitioning into. So, I was going astray. I tried multiple different things to jump to the “the next level”, however, I was doing it without self-knowledge. 
Finally, things started changing when I had Melissa as a coach. Melissa’s ethical work and her incredible ability to guide and assist on my self-awareness, helped me to discover what the “next level” was, which I had been trying hard to reach. She never told me what to do, instead, she helped me to find the answers that were always deep inside me. It was when I start having insights. I came to a different level of understanding about what I wanted to pursue as a career. Yet, Melissa guided me into discovering other abilities that I had. As well as deep desires that I was never aware of. My coach experience with Melissa took me to the next level. She provided me with more than I expected. Thus, I finally obtained what I deeply wanted, and to my surprise, I got something bigger that I was expecting. I am finally in the next level, and only after a very short period.

- Audrey B.

While I have not received Coaching services through Melissa, I strongly believe that future clients will find her to be professional, responsive and insightful. Melissa is adept at demonstrating strong listening skills.

- Maria V.

Melissa led a wonderful Vision Board event. She has the gift of encouragement and is going to be a valuable support for life coaching for women in a season of transition.

 - Jen T.